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    What do you care about most?

    • Jobs, gas prices, taxes?
    • Weather, traffic, local zoning?
    • Cutting edge technology, fine wine, or small business regulation?
    • Maybe you’re a veteran in need of better care?
    • A mother concerned about safe products?
    • A college student worried about student loan debt?

    Choose your NewsiT interests and browse the story threads. See who is saying what, follow threads or follow people.

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    Post text or photos. It’s super simple. Swipe to the left and TelliT or SnapiT.

    You can also ask others on the thread you’re following to help you investigate something:

    Tap AskiT and presto, with one simple ! you’re the assignment editor.

    Everyone on your thread – and, if you like, your Facebook friends and Twitter followers – will be invited to contribute.

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    Start by inviting your friends from Facebook and Twitter.

    The more people participating the better the result!

    More perspectives, more eyewitnesses, bigger impact.

    You can also share stories, elements and ask your friends to contribute to story threads.

  • Validate


    Professional NewsiT editors, aided by real-time fact-checking technologies, will be working overtime to assure what you read and see is accurate and relevant. And with our next release we'll be adding features that let you be the fact-checker.

  • Win


    First of all, thank you – for downloading, reading, contributing, collaborating, liking and sharing. We know you are busy, so we’ll just keep on thanking you, again and again.

    And coming soon, you'll be getting rewards and recognition for everything you do for your community – inviting friends, sharing content, kick-starting threads.